The Warrior’s Mindset

The warrior’s mindset may sound silly to some people.  It may sound fake or like hype.

To those people I have to say; you apparently have never walked to the abyss and looked over the side.  You have never seen the very, very dark place.

I have seen the darkness.  I have felt the primal fear.  I have awakened in the middle of the night shaking with fear, and trust me, I am a 200 pound trained, armed police officer who has faced mortal danger.  I am not afraid of anything or anyone, but those nights in 2008 when my business was on the verge of bankruptcy, had me crying like a baby.

I still can’t watch the business-help reality shows without knowing exactly how those people feel and I often cry when I empathize with their hardships.

A warrior mindset is not an “angle ” for this blog.  It was survival for me.  It was the only thing that kept me from putting my Glock 23 in my mouth during night patrol.

The warrior’s mindset begins with a decision.  The decision to survive and win at any cost.

The warrior’s mindset is finding reasons.  A reason to keep going.  A reason to DO the hard stuff.  The reason for making the unpopular decisions.

My reasons are my own.  I can’t give you your reasons, but unless you can find a reason to survive you will fail.  Nearly ALL small businesses fail within 5 years.

The warrior’s mindset begins with finding and listing  all of your reasons and internalizing those reasons.  The warrior’s mindset requires you to visualize what failure will mean for all of those “reasons.”

Police work is a dangerous business and failure can mean death.  During routine patrol, I engaged in a drill called “practice in a non-stress environment. ”  I was constantly looking at every day situations and asking myself; what if?  I was constantly thinking; “what if that person in the coffee line pulls a gun and shoots me in the neck?  What if I get knocked down?  What if I die?

I would ask myself and visualize what the affect of my death would have on all of my “reasons” for living.

Then I would make a plan.  I would look for cover.  I would plan my counter attack.  I would make up my mind that if a gun was pulled, I would return fire, stop the subject and most of all I made a decision that if I were shot, I would survive and WIN the armed encounter.

You must do the same.  Stop allowing your business to kill you.  Return fire, make a decision to have the warrior mindset to win!

All of those “reasons” are depending on you.   It’s your duty to win, don’t let them down.



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