What I am not:

I am not a CPA, MBA, licensed consultant or even a college graduate.

What I am:

I am a current owner of several small to medium businesses who grew up playing on the floor of a mom and pop business.

I am an avid reader of success books and consumer of business training.

I am a retired police officer with a passion for protecting property, people and their families.  The mere fact that I worked 15 years as a cop and operated several small businesses at the same time is what the cops call, “a clue.”

I am one who has made every mistake in the book, but one who will take the fight to the problem and I will not quit until it is dead on the floor!

If you want alphabet soup after a name- leave.

If you want hard won advice from a person who has been in the war 30 years; welcome.

Either way, take my advice at your peril.   You are the only one responsible for your success.